12:38 PM

What's the ugliest tattoo you've ever seen?

An angel is basically a portrait tattoo and is at the highest skill level, which is why the majority of angels one sees are ugly tattoos.

At some point young ladies quit looking for cute tattoos and started seeking out tattoos similar to there male friends, this has led to females with skull tattoos and other unflattering images.

Almost every tattoo comes with an accompanying story and emotional significance. Whenever the tattoo falls out of favor, there is emotional stress in many cases and a strong drive to get rid of that tattoo. This can lead the tattoo bearer into spending a lot of time and money.

Tattoos may be fugly for a number of reasons: maybe the tattoo artist is cross-eyed, maybe the chosen image is in poor taste, or maybe the canvas is just a little "rough."

Whatever the reason for a jacked tattoo, you can't help but shed a tear for its owner; removing a bad branding is a painful process that costs a pretty penny.

 Our question of the day is: What's the ugliest tattoo you've ever seen?