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Dove tattoos not only being a beautiful design

Dove tattoos have some very profound meanings in the tattoo world. Dove tattoos in Chinese culture are used as a symbol of a long and healthy life. Dove is also a persons name and in both the Scottish and Irish native language the Boys name "Callum" is a translation of Dove.

Tattoos with dove designs usually portray independence and purity. Peace dove tattoos happen to be the most frequently requested design amongst many peace lovers.

Two doves sharing the same branch is a much requested tattoo design with newly married couples.

Dove tattoos not only being a beautiful design, dove tattoos can have a very symbolic meaning to the person that chooses to have one. To each person, the symbolism can be quite different and their meanings can include the following:

  • Universal Peace
  • Hope
  • Innocence
  • Gentleness
  • Everlasting Love
  • Purity
  • Prosperity
  • Christian symbol for the Holy Ghost and the Holy Spirit
  • A releasing of the soul after death
  • The Chinese regard the dove as a symbol for a long life

These designs can be as detailed and colorful as you desire. Many people add flowers, an olive branch, hearts, words, a peace sign, a cross or even the sky to their dove tattoo. However you choose to have your artwork done, and whatever meaning that this exquisite bird has for you, this will be a tattoo that you will enjoy forever.

Dove tattoos will always bring a message of peace and hope, and this bird’s significants on a woman’s body will tell the story of her journey to happiness hidden within.