Sugar Skulls and the Day of the Dead

Sugar Skulls are often used to decorate the ofrendas on Dia de los Muertos which is November 1st and 2nd. Smaller skulls are placed on the ofrenda on November 1st, All Saints Day, to represent the children who have deceased. On November 2nd, All Souls Day, they are replaced by larger, more ornate skulls which represent the adults. These decorative skulls have the name of the deceased on the forehead and are decorated with stripes, dots and swirls of icing to enhance the features of the skulls. These designs are usually whimsical and brightly colored, not morbid or scary. Feathers, beads or colored foils are "glued" on with the icing to create highly ornate skulls.

The Sugar Skull is one of the main symbols or images seen during the Day of the Dead festivities and represents the past ancestors of Mexico. The reason they are called "sugar skulls" is because the authentic sugar skulls were made out of clay molded sugar. The Mexicans would also add the name of a departed soul to the forehead of the sugar skull and then "placed on the gravestone" of the departed loved one to encourage the return of that soul on the Day of the Dead (according to Wikipedia).Skulls were powerful symbols in both Spanish and Mexican Aztec culture in the Middle Ages.

In Spain, skulls were used to mark the entrance to graveyards. In fact, across medieval Europe most cemeteries did not have room to keep people permanently buried. Instead, people were buried for seven years and then their skeletons were dug up again, and their bones were placed in an ossory. You can still visit medieval cathedrals in Europe which have crypts full of skulls and bones.

In Aztec culture, like many ancient cultures, the head was believed to be a source of human power and energy. The Aztecs are recorded to have made human sacrifices to the gods, in order to make sure the sun would continue to rise each day.
The remains of these sacrificial victims were kept as relics - skulls and bones were bleached, painted and put on display.

Skulls were, therefore, part of both Spanish and Aztec beliefs about death and the afterlife. However the practice of decorating skulls and altars with marigolds and other flowers seems to have come purely from Aztec tradition, as do the skeleton figurines.

Flowers Symbols are also symbolically important part of day of the dead. Many skulls incorporate flowers, and this symbol has a meaning of its own. The flower most associated with Dia de los Muertos in Mexico is the marigold, or CempazĂșchitl which is known as the flower of the dead. In Aztec belief the marigold was sacred to Mictlantecuhtli, their god of the dead. According to Mexican belief, the souls of departed family and friends return to earth on the day of the dead, and it is believed the strong scent of marigold helps to guide them back.

Flowers are often incorporated into Dia de los Muertos skull designs. This mixing of the skull, associated with death with flowers, a symbol in western culture associated with life and love. The meaning of el Dia de los Muertos is not only to remember the dead, but also to overcome the fear of death and celebrate life!
In Mexico, the Aztec culture believed life on earth to be something of an illusion – death was a positive step forward into a higher level of conscience.

For the Aztecs skulls were a positive symbol, not only of death but also of rebirth.
People in Mexico wear traditional skull masks, and the tradition of painting faces to look like a skull has grown up as a variation to this. The wearing of masks has been a powerful symbol throughout traditional cultures, of the ability of humans to get in touch with their darker, chaotic side.
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Amazing, zayn malik tattoo is best ink

Tattoo design contests are gaining huge popularity among tattoo enthusiasts these days with the rising trend of flaunting custom tattoo designs. Celebrities from the sports worlds, fashion industry and Hollywood are coming up with tattoos that display their success, despair, budding relationships and even break ups are fast catching people's eyes. This has led to a healthy competition between tattoo artists as they are getting requests to create designs that are unique to an individual's taste but also in line with the latest tattoo trend.

Not only are such competitions convenient means to discover fresh and unique custom tattoo designs, they also serve as a platform for the tattoo designers to showcase their talent and earn good money. If you are a tattoo artist who engages in such online challenges, take into consideration these five tips to keep you ahead in online tattoo competitions.
Stay creative - Just because the idea is not originally yours, it doesn't give you the right to dish out unoriginal artwork. The people who set up tattoo design contests know their stuff, and believe me, they know the meaning of the word "unoriginal art". Don't just join an online contest for the sake of monetary gain. You are a tattoo designer because you love what you do and you are good at your chosen field. Don't let greed and love of money ruin your artistic expression.

Stick with the prize - This means never charge extra. Almost all custom tattoo sites have already become popular web destinations for tattoo design contests. Contest creators may stipulate prize money from 35$ to 500$. Winning $35 by submitting a custom tattoo design is a pretty decent amount. Whatever amount you win, never ask for more.

Be knowledgeable with different tattoo styles - As a tattoo artist, you should hold yourself responsible for training yourself in various tattoo forms such as Celtic and Tribal. If you're only good at making butterfly impressions why not expand your expertise by training with other zoomorphic designs. Moving away from your comfort zone will allow you to evolve into a much better artist.

Be open to online criticisms - The person who created the online challenge is free to leave comments about the piece you have uploaded. If you don't like what he said, don't get your war face on and engage in an online testimonial battle against the person who has the power to give you the prize. Take all criticisms constructively. These guys are not talking about your personal life, they are commenting about your artwork. So to win a tattoo design competition, you need to stay humble.

Stay connected with the person who chose your design - If ever you got to be chosen among the hundreds of entries; do not congratulate yourself too much. That same person who chose you as the winner might hold another online tattoo contest in the future. Instead of pulling a "now you know me now you don't" act, stay connected with the person who spearheaded the contest. Follow up on him after having your tattoo imprinted on his skin. Who knows, he might choose you again on his next contest after recalling how sincere you have been in dealing with him post-competition.
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Amazing, Kim Kardashian Tattoo Styles 1001

Born October 21, 1980 in Beverly Hills, California. The second of four children born to the late Robert Kardashian and his first wife, Kris Kardashian is Kim Christmas a model, actress, entrepreneur and socialite. In recent years, the little brown beauty has received a thank you Paris Hilton-like celebrity status for his curvaceous style, a reality television series, a series of training DVD, and last but not least, a scandalous video with his sexual exploits with her former boyfriend, rapper Ray J.

Kardashian, it seems, is almost wired for glory. A classmate of pre-school of Paris Hilton, she grew up under the glare and the privilege of Beverly Hills, gets a view of almost the joys and pitfalls of Hollywood. His father, the founder of Film Tunes, Inc., a music marketing company, was a prominent lawyer. A close friend of many years of OJ Simpson, Robert was one of the lawyers defending the football star during his trial murder. In fact, the house lawyer Simpson left the famous Ford Bronco police chase, shortly before his arrest. Robert Kardashian died of esophageal cancer in October 2003.

Kardashian mother, Kris, the owner of a children's boutique store and television personality, travel in the circles of celebrities themselves. In 1991, two years after Robert separated, she married 1976 Olympic star Bruce Jenner. They have two children together.

According to Kardashian, her childhood, hardly things of fame. Sunday Church was firmly part of family life. Then there was the expectation in children than when they each Kardashian age 18, lives outside the family was often no longer an option. Although she attended an exclusive school for girls Catholic high Kim Kardashian for the company of his father. When he died, the company was handed over to her and her siblings. They have since sold. "We grew up with privilege, so we knew that our standard was very high and if we wanted to keep, we had to work hard," she said.

Kim Kardashian has resulted in a number of different things, a designer wardrobe for the actor. She even went into the business itself, forming Kimsaprincess Productions, LLC., Who has seen the release of three training videos successfully, you guessed it, Kim Kardashian.

In 2006, Kardashian back in business with her family when she and her two sisters opened a boutique store DASH (derived from the name of the family) in Calabasas, California. A presentation of the owners own personal styles, the shop has some of the sisters' favorite American designers.

Unlike some of its other objectives of the obsession of the paparazzi, Kardashian married young. In 2000, she married music producer Damon Thomas. The marriage ended after four years. In recent years, Kardashian has had a number of high-level cronies, including the singer Nick Lachey and New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush.
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Tattoos Megan Fox has created a buzz on the internet

Tattoos Megan Fox has created a buzz on the internet
, fashion and Hollywood's world. Some people love and others hate, and especially the tribal tattoo. Anger, jealousy and pride in them too strictly connected to a number of factors. We are creative because they warm to him a magnificent view not only believe that it is amazing. Word of eight or nine tattoos tribal tattoo tattoo of Marilyn Monroe, Pure. But if there is any indication of public comments, so I think a little more to wait. I'm sorry, but this is just for the fans when he revealed to the public seven, but hopefully, we will begin to see the next one or two in there.

Megan Fox so far seven have been observed very different style of tattoos. OFA with a mixture of German Gothic and Old English text fonts are designed by using two things. These two tattoos, a portrait of Marilyn Monroe together with the most pronounced shoulder. He grew up in the ankle, left arm and tattoos of stars and a tribal symbol. Brian is in the south of the strip cursive tattoo And how can I forget a little. Megan Fox Tattoo means a lot, so much that Hollywood has never lost a role because of them, if you promise to give up completely, he said. Become a part of your body, and art goes beyond vanity. So not only body art, it is for some reason, but his mentality and he now feels called.

The following tattoo says: .. "They all laugh at gilded butterflies matter, and in the back, right shoulder post design is used for forging, but Old English is an incredible list of resources, in fact, perhaps the medieval Gothic German He looks very good, but unfortunately a lot of people that no matter how different They are not aware of that. I want to know the rate is different from the rest of the text. I think the author and the participants are too busy looking at warez understand it. The difference between the slats and the reference to Shakespeare's King Lear adaptation tattoo what does it mean to question the so-called Megan, she replied. "People laugh at you because in the end was too caught up in Hollywood. "I think that Hollywood discovered!

Marilyn Monroe was a beautiful tattoo on the arm of his law. Monroe, best known for Maryilyn feelings, especially the 464 page long biography of Marilyn Monroe, after reading Barbara Learning, than anyone else can get more information about their idol. Megan Fox is pretty much like his idol feelings and emotions are always here. Megan Fox Marilyn Monroe on TV in a relationship as a child, and she remembers hearing the crying began.

Look closely and appreciate the work of this body art tattoos Megan Fox, all of them a favorite for many fans. This, really, and just, and he is sixty years, this is really a wonderful thing to be an outstanding game. I have a Marilyn Monroe-Marilyn Megan Fox is wearing a ski and tattoo flash, I mean, he just incredible beauty and fashion scene.

Crescent / Moon and Star Tattoos and their meaning, and different people are associated with. This is for Megan Fox, what does it mean? I really do not know, but I tell all the fans have a life. That night, the mystical beauty of light and love. What is romantic? Perhaps connected with the goddess Selene moon and thinking, so I would not that be a possible right-goddess self. Megan Fox is forging a strategic location, one thing I am sure 100%. and makes them very attractive crescent and star Megan Fox is not an exception in the left ankle joints, there is something about a tattoo around. This tattoo of stars and the moon radiates style and works very well, especially her Christian Louboutin pumps, heat on the red carpet when I do something.

Megan Fox loves the sea. Its weird coming, it gives you the room, and she also likes to surf. For this reason, two waves with a cool tribal tattoo show, decided to make the sea fans. Well this particular night was a bit of tribal tattoo tattooed man. It was like saying "not all there." Thus, tribal tattoo how I wanted it, and you're going to eliminate it if you were told, not exactly. I came to symbolize their nature imperfect and unruly, because many fans, I think I will miss Megan Fox tattoo. if you can not do the opposite and be kept hot forged, it would be nice.

In 2005, Megan Fox FHM magazine © boyfriend Brian Austin Green is your friend, and then show the world. He did what most people get the girl. That "cake" said the text entry through forging close friend's name changed. He asked Brian if you what to do and he never broke. He can say all the time because he will keep his son Brian replied.

This site is tattoos Megan Fox, in 2009, his hand completely off the hook for the whole arm thing would be to add that I hope Megan.

Transformers Autobots real tattoo on the cover of the magazine and its photoshopped fake tattoos for those who really need the addition of Megan Fox. Transformers Megan Fox is forging any nonsense you hear about so if you know that just a stupid joke.
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Amazing and Popular, Flower tattoo designs for girls

Flower tattoo designs are very popular among women. A lot of women who want to have a tattoo most likely choose flower designs. Flower tattoo designs are feminine, and remain one of the most common among women who embrace the art of tattooing the skin.

There are several reasons why tattoos flower designs offer a good option for permanent body tattoo. The flowers are not only beautiful, they are also eternal. That means the femininity of women and diversity. More often than not, flower tattoo designs are colorful, bright and very attractive. They make a good impression on the skin of a woman. The choice of colors is essential in coming up with a great looking tattoo.

Flower tattoo designs are great. Depending on your preference, you can choose to cover an entire area of ​​your body with the design you want or you can choose a flower borders, small for an area of ​​your skin. You can also opt for extensive flower tattoo design that fits in your lower back. This is both sexy and feminine. If you want a smaller design or just a flower of a tattoo, you may have placed on one side of the upper back or upper arm - a common place for tattoos.

There are plenty of accessories that can be incorporated into your tattoo design with flowers. You can choose to add thorns, leaves or even ribbon details. Designs of butterflies and birds can blend well with flower tattoos. Fairies can also be added to create a fantasy theme. You can also choose your own concept and the addition of words or names.

There are many ways to enhance flower tattoo designs. You can start with a single flower, and then after a while when you've decided to have a larger tattoo, you can choose to add more flowers and have a crawling design or other luxury amenities. These designs can also be easily customized and the possibilities of color combinations are endless. This design shows how flexible and diverse flower tattoo is.

Depending on your personality, you can choose a design of flower tattoo in particular that suits you. One of the most common is the hibiscus flower design. We present a summery theme, Hawaiian that is both relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Hibiscus flowers have a taste of the exotic tropical islands to symbolize a very good disposition, lifestyle full of fun.

If you want a special flavor, the lotus flower is also an excellent choice. This flower starts as a bud against the mud at the bottom of the river and gradually rises to the top of the water from sunlight. Soon, develop into a beautiful flower and lovely. On the basis of the beliefs of Hindus and Buddhists, this flower symbolizes the soul's journey to enlightenment. The design of lotus flower tattoo can be used to symbolize deeper a person's personality and spiritual attributes.

Other popular choices include orchids, cherry blossoms and other small oriental wildflowers. In general, the designs of flower tattoos are excellent choices and no time for the tattoo art that can be appreciated by the rest of his life.

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