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The Hottest, Sexiest, Most Beautiful Women in the World With Tattoos

Seriously, do not take my word for it. The hottest, sexiest, most beautiful women and most desirable in the world, tattoos are carefully compiled long lists published each year by men's magazines like Maxim, several international editions, one might add, things, and sites like Playboy AskMen.com. Many lists are made by the editorial staff of the magazine, but others such as FHM, allowing online readers with the voice of women for their favorite artists, whether the model, actor or musician. So popular is this interactive feature, this list is not more than ten million visitors to your site voted for their favorites.

Celebrity Tattoos
section VanishingTattoo.com site has long been a favorite of our visitors, and more than a thousand stars and starlets of the tattoo is large enough to store almost every aspect of awe and wonder at the time mouse finger holds. There is no doubt that these lists are also good for sales kiosk vaunted Swimsuit Edition is good for the bottom line magazine Sports Illustrated. Readers love lists. Men love sexy, beautiful and desirable. Combine the two and you have a sure winner on their hands.

Why this web site, following the impact of tattoos and body art in popular, the staff here in VT as well as the responsibility and obligation to check these lists and see how many of the lovely ladies presented as paradigms of feminine beauty ink their sport. Task, a task, a huge task to be sure, but we are willing to make sacrifices, such as that used by the faithful and loyal visitors. It 'an honor to serve as fashion.

We began tracking these lists in 2002, thanks to FHM and a long flight abroad of our fearless leader, Vince Hemingson. Hemingson, following the popularity of tattooing among the general population through companies such as Harris and Pew, read FHM on a plane to Europe and was struck by the fact that the list has been compiled for according to the 100 sexiest women in the world, which will also be a complete list of tattooed celebrities. Or so it seemed. In 2002, 36 of the 100 women listed the tattoos, which we verified through photos. Over the years a number of women who do not have tattoos, and then went under the needle of a tattoo machine. Today, in 2002 the list of FHM 100 sexiest women in the world, has an amazing 54 tattoos. Statistics on celebrities with tattoos were greater than the general population in 2002 and 2009.

An indication perhaps that celebrities have a strong influence on the fascination of the general population and embrace tattoos and body art.

After more than half of the women considered the sexiest women in the world has at least one tattoo, a statistic that is unique in itself and is worth considering what this means about the public perception of tattoos and body art, tattoos, and how women are seen. The social stigma that was once a tattoo is clearly in full retreat. It 'also reasonable to think that women are on display in the list, has a strong influence on fashion, style and taste of the traditional popular culture. FHM's 2002 list of the last thought before you look at the latest list - a staggering 20 of the top 25 sexiest women in the world now has a tattoo. And 'eighty percent.

Tenth Anniversary of the Vanishing Tattoo website just happens to coincide with pleasure Maxim magazine's list of the tenth anniversary of the Hot 100, 2009.