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Anchor tattoos were all the rage for sailors

Anchor tattoos were all the rage for sailors. Anchor tattoo designs are one of the oldest types of tattoos. This trend originated on the west coast mostly and has even become known as west coast tattoo style.

Retro themes in tattoo designs are especially popular with the rockabilly group. So what is the symbolism behind the anchor tattoo design? The symbol much later became popular with sailors. The anchor tattoo design has become a symbol for stability and a strong foundation.

Anchors are one of the old school tattoo styles. Sailor Jerry could be credited for making the anchor tattoo very popular amongst other tattoo enthusiast beside sailors. The symbol of the anchor was worn as a necklace to identify other Christians and followers of Christ.

The Symbol Used By Sailors

The anchor was commonly designed with other sea creatures such as fishes or mermaids. Anchor tattoos was a favorite design among sailors as well as the nautical stars, ships, ropes, pirates, skull, eagles, flowers and beautiful hula girls. People are also going back and reclaiming the traditional old school anchor tattoos.