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Ryan Dunn's, He got a tattoo of Dunn's face | Jackass

Ryan Dunn's boys have been dealing with the Jackass daredevil's death via auto accident in their own ways. He got a tattoo of Dunn's face.

"Jackass" star Ryan Dunn was colorful and fearless. Equally colorful were the tattoos the daring entertainer rocked at the height of his fame and success on TV and on film. Among his numerous tattoos were stars, red hot and exploding grenades and an Otter, to list four motifs.

Wee-Man chose to immortalize his pal with a portrait of Dunn smoking a cigarette on his leg with the words "Random Hero" written under it, and even documented his memorial making process. In the video, Wee-Man's explains the reasoning behind his unusual grieving process and says, "It's something he'd probably do for any one of us if it was one of us in the situation." Given Dunn's affinity for tattoos, we'd have to agree.