11:15 PM

Less Taboo Tattoos

For decades, tattoos were a big step and not a taboo topic. However, tattoos are starting to get bigger now and more celebrities and reality TV shows hitting tattoo, tattoos begin to see differently.

The tattoos are still considered a bad thing and some people associated with dudes rough bikers, criminals and not the good people. These stereotypes are unfortunately more than likely still there, but with more and more talk of tattoos and more people are starting to change slowly. It is estimated that 45 million people have at least one tattoo. In the last poll, which revealed that 40% of people who are 18-40 years by at least one tattoo.

When these figures are so high that the question arises as to why there is so much negativity towards tattoos. But times are changing and tattoos will be a little 'easier to accept. More and more companies are beginning to recognize that if the employee has a visible tattoo or a tattoo, not a big problem. After all just because some people have a tattoo, does not mean they can not do a lot of work. In addition, the most famous and role models for others out there who have a tattoo, but has also helped, the way some people see the tattoos. Hopefully another 10 years or so a tattoo is not a controversial issue for some people.