3:59 PM

Judge Rules Trial Tattoo "Hangover 2'

A judge ruled in the name of "hangover 2" (see trailer) of a tattoo of evidence (see what he says). A dispute over copyright violation of a famous tattoo (see photos of tattoos) have threatened to delay the release of the film (when it comes out in theaters?).

Warner Bros. is a sigh of relief this morning in St. Louis, the court ruled against the request only tattoo artist Mike Tyson for the provision of a Hangover 2 came out the calendar on Thursday.

"We are very pleased that the court's decision, which allows highly anticipated film, The Hangover, Part II, published in the calendar this week around the world,"
WB said in a statement. "The applicant's failure to impose a movie, then trying to extract a massive payment solution for Warner Bros. was very ugly and unjustified." Warner Bros. took the complaint very seriously, sending two of its executives in St. Louis on Monday to try the case.