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Old School Tattoo Designs include imagery of stars

Old School Tattoo Designs include imagery of stars, hearts and daggers. Two of Sailor Jerry's students, Ed Hardy and Mike Malone have been extremely influential in keeping interest in, and reviving the Old School Tattoo Designs. Ed Hardy and Mike Malone both use the bold patterns and the bright colors typical in Old School Tattoos. Ed Hardy artwork and tattoo design could now be seen on Rock Stars and Celebrities alike. The Beautiful Old School Tattoo Designs were now part of mainstream culture and highly sought after.

When someone thinks of an old school tattoo they usually conjure up images of a tattoo heart with a banner saying "Mom" going through it. However, there are a ton of really great old school tattoo designs. At one point in history these tattoo designs were relegated to the ruff and tumble guys.

People like Bikers and sailors often were the main ones getting tattoos. Recently due tot he major growth in the tattoo industry there has been a real rebirth of old school tattoos.

These designs have been combined with the new color inks readily available to make for some really hot looking designs.
Sailor Jerry Tattoo Designs
Pin Up Girls
Sailing Anchors and Ship

Old School Tattoos are the "vintage" of the tattoo world. They are also the brightest, most colorful, quirky, kitschy and whimsical tattoo designs.