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Japanese Yakuza tattoos harken back

Japanese Yakuza tattoos harken back to a forgotten era when tattoos were actually well regarded within society and people wore them proudly. Japanese Yakuza or mafia tattoos continue that tradition and are some of the most intricate tattoos in the.

Today's many Yakuza gang factions are patriarchal in nature but women are integral parts of Japan's gangland society. Wives, mistresses and girlfriends of top Yakuza figures often undergo extensive tattooing. These women sometimes use tattoos to demonstrate their affiliations with the gang lifestyle. Irezumi is the art of tattooing in Japan.

In Asia, people are often frightened with the word Yakuza.
The Yakuza have a certain liking with the art of body tattoos. Yakuza tattoos come in different styles and forms. Yakuza is known to tattoo their own members. There are Yakuza members who open heartedly help the poor people of Japan. Yakuza groups are often referred to as boryokudan which means violent group.

You cannot but be impressed by Japanese tattoos. The intricate detail and stunning colours set Japanese tattoos apart, placing them in a league of their own. Japanese tattoos are complicated and very detailed. The history of Japanese tattoos as an artform is interesting. In the early 1600s, tattoos were worn proudly by Japanese people. There is one "corporation" though, that still encourages tattoos; the Yakuza.
The Yakuza are basically the Japanese mafia.