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How Do You Tattoo Your Eyes?

How do you tattoo your eyes? Eye tattoos involve exactly the same process. Stroma is exactly the place, where ink is delivered during eyeball tattooing. Eye tattoos have been around for thousands of years. The most common risks associated with eye tattoos are eye infection, perforation and hemorrhage.

In all honesty, the overall risks to tattooing your eyes are not fully understood simply because eye tattooing hasn't been researched enough.

The long term safety and risks have not been evaluated regarding inking one's eyes, ink seeping into the eyes or ink seeping into the bloodstream from the eyes.

Many people think about getting a tattoo. Ancient Egyptians used them when they performed rituals. You will be amazed about how many people are intrigued by these designs and many also get a tattoo. An Egyptian eye tattoo is also a design chosen by many. There are lots of designs and ideas you can choose from.

A lot of people use the search engines to find an idea of a design they would like. Probably the best place to look for them are tattoo forums.