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Kendall Jenner Tattoo received immense respect

Kendall Jenner received immense respect for turning down her mother's designs to hold an extravagant 16th birthday bash for her in the Bahamas, but even the savvy teenager could not resist treating herself to special item, taking time out from her re-scheduled celebrations in Los Angeles to get her first ever tattoo.

It was historicallyin the past reported that on discovering her father & manager Kris Jenner had organised her 16th celebration to be in the Bahamas for 75 of her friends - in an event which was to be filmed for 'Sweet 16' - the starlet flew in to a anger, yelling, "Mom - I am not going to do it! Do you not understand?" Kendall complained, "You're trying to make this bigger & bigger & it is embarrassing me. You are giving me this, you are handing me this & I don't need it."

Kendall Jenner TattooKendall Jenner Tattoo

However, The Huffington Post reports that Jenner did permit herself the extravagance of a tattoo - albeit a temporary following warnings from father Khloe, who'd said "I know it is fascinating to do something so you can show everyone. That is what I did when I got my boobs done. Afterwards, I regretted it a lot. It is a tattoo. It is there forever".

Kendall Jenner Tattoo Kendall Jenner Tattoo Kendall Jenner Tattoo