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Rose tattoos are very versatile tattoo designs, why?

Rose tattoos are very versatile tattoo designs. Rose originally bred in ancient Persia. Years back, rose tattoos are very popular among sailors. Today, rose tattoos are more common in women than in men. In Greek mythology, roses originally appear to be white. Rose tattoos are related to females and are used as symbolism of love.

Roses can also mean a number of emotions. Red rose tattoos could mean respect and romance. White roses can be a symbol for purity and innocence. Bridal white roses are a favorite among newlyweds, they symbolize happy love and marriage. Yellow roses are a picture of joy, devotion and friendship, while coral roses (hot red color) could mean desire and passion. Light peach roses signify friendship and modesty. Orange depicts fascination, while light pink roses are a symbol of admiration and grace. Pink roses in darker hues simply say 'thanks'. A mix of yellow and orange roses could mean passionate thoughts and a mix of white and red roses symbolizes dignity.

A rose tattoo can also be paired with other tattoo designs or tattoo fonts. Men usually request rose tattoos to be drawn with a dagger and are usually drawn across their arms. Because of the versatility of rose tattoos, you wear virtually anywhere. Almost every tattoo spot can have a rose tattoo on them. Trailing rose vines can be placed around the waist, wrist or arm. Female rose tattoos are often inked on their chest or on their lower back. Roses that are drawn with bright colors are a symbol of joy and positive thoughts and are often worn by women, young and adults alike.

At its essence, the rose is a spectacular flower; it’s straightforward to see the reasons folks want rose tattoo designs tattooed onto their lower back. The curved essence of the blossom is perfect for the curved area of that part of the body, and lends femininity and beauty. Loads of women are attracted to the rose due to its many meanings. Needless to say a red version means love and passion; a red rose with no thorns implies immediate love. The round head of the rose stands for fertility.

For lots of people, the rose is a symbol of peace. A rose is a magnificent thing. It is highly perfumed with magnificent petals. For many years, many people have acknowledged the exquisite physical attributes of the rose and have tattooed their skin with their personal interpretations of its beauty.

The rose is one of a number of traditional tattoos that is currently experiencing an increase in regard. ROSEBUD OR ROSE?
Not all rose tattoo designs need the rose to be included; a straightforward bud could be. This bud symbolizes development, as well as innocence. Solo Rose or bouquet? Examples could be the stalk (which would provide any mirror-imaging you may need for the tattoo’s placing on your lower back), people’s messages (maybe of your children or other relatives), fairies (which can show a hopeful approach to life, cheer, cheekiness, depending on the type of fairy chosen), butterflies (which emphasize gorgeousness, poise and the delicacy of human life), bees (which mean busyness, sweetness and selfless sacrifice) or hummingbirds (elegant birds).

Typically, roses are red, however this need not be the case with your tattoo design. Choose your chosen colors carefully; there is no reason why you need only have one color.