8:19 PM

"Koi Fish Tattoos" Are Rather Popular

Once you have decided that you want a tattoo, the major decision is out of your way. Your next step is to figure out just what kind of tattoo you would like to get. There is no limit to the types you can get, unless it's the extent of your imagination or the capacity of your tattoo artist. At this point Koi fish tattoos are rather popular, and you may opt for one of them.

So, what's a Koi fish? It's a very large fish. Related to the Carp. But because of their orange or red color schemes, they are often mistaken for goldfish. The colors can actually be: red or orange and even black, white, and blue. And their size depends on the environment they thrive in. Given enough room, they can get as long as three feet. Koi fish are mostly found in Japan. The Japanese love affair for these fish goes back a thousand years. They are cultivated precisely because they tend to be so beautiful.

Koi fish tattoos like both good and have quite a bit of meaning behind them. And it's usually a good thing to know the story behind a tattoo you are getting. So when someone admires your tattoo, you can explain the meaning or the symbolism to them. It's a good conversation piece. Here are the meanings behind the Koi fish:

• advancements, improvements, ambitions
• courage to suppress the challenges of life
• determination and endurance in times of crises
• good luck in just about anything
• strength to go up against the test of time
• strong character and identity

Koi fish come in lots of brilliant colors. They also tend to be rather ornate. So if your tattoo artist is a talented one, you can have a brilliantly colored and ornate tattoo inked into your skin. But, once again, be prepared to pay the price of such a work of art. How do you think about Koi fish tattoo is rather popular today?