2:56 PM

Andrei Kirilenko Unique Photo Tattoo

It is difficult to understand why people try to act as if they could choose a design for someone, in this case, the tattoo on his back Andrei Kirilenko. I think his tattoo looks awesome and is a work of art Grettir, but some people think it's in bad taste, etc.

It's funny that people who do not have much knowledge of Body Art tries to comment on it. I can not stand that people do not understand the details and the skills involved in so much work. Sometimes those who like to give an opinion not necessary to say that tattoos looks great, although the artwork can not be completed because they simply have no idea what they say.

But then, when I was a tattoo parlor a few young women came in and one of them wanted to get ink, then complained when he was told what it will cost. surprising thing of this whole thing is that the artist said. "If he wanted $ 25 tattoo should go to another shop on the street"

Sometimes, people want quality and quantity, but do not want to pay a fair price, or just give a negative opinion of a tattoo, simply can not afford. Andrei Kirilenko's tattoo looks awesome and yes, describing the quality can be seen and appreciated. Those who have nothing better to do or say about the work of someone knowing everything is just about to go screw themselves, or simply find other hobbies. Stop talking nonsense and learn a little.